how to write poetry like a white person

  • cigarettes
  • the taste of you
  • drowning
  • save me
  • no wait save yourself
  • cigarettes
  • !!

make sure to left align and god forbid touch a capital letter

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do you think ghosts can tell if youre gay or not? like im not gay but lets say hypothetically i was watching gay porn, would my grandmas ghost see me? totally not gay just asking hypothetically

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Swear words are not located in the linguistic part of the brain, but in the emotive part. This is why when a person feels any form of extreme emotion, they are more likely to swear. submitted by differentinfrench

Some have argued that this is also why swear words tend to slip out in moments of intense emotion.
Rather than being a deliberate choice like the words we speak, expletives are more so a reflex.


take me to a museum. kiss me on the steps. shove the Mona Lisa up my ass

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an inspiration

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I kind of hate most of my cousins because they were really mean to me when we were kids

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Brad boy me bob

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Dick nipples

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